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Join our FIFA Women's World Cup guessing campaign.
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Participate in the 2023 Women's World Cup match results guessing with our displayed odds, from the group stage to the final, enjoy the fun of strategizing and win unlimited points!

>> Promotion Content <<

Promotion Period:20th July 2023 to 20th August 2023

Participants:Global clients

Promotion:During the event, customers can participate in the "Women's World Cup" guessing activity by using WeTrade points. Participate in the 2023 Women's World Cup match results guessing with our displayed odds, from the group stage to the final, enjoy the fun of strategizing and win unlimited points!

>> Terms & Conditions <<

Terms & Conditions
  1. When a guess order is placed, it cannot be cancelled at all times.

  2. Once the game has started, the guess order will be closed. It cannot be cancelled, modified, or raised.

  3. There will be two types of guessing, namely, the 90-minute match end of the group stage (Home Win, Draw or Away Wins) and the qualifying round (knockout round), i.e., non-full 90 minutes win/draw guessing. halftime, score, or other types of guessing is not available.

  4. The FIFA Women's World Cup group match guessing is a win-draw guessing, i.e. the final result of the match is based on the win-draw result at the end of the 90-minute match.

  5. FIFA Women's World Cup finals matches (including the quarter-finals, semi-finals and finals) guessing belongs to the finals results guessing, the final score results without tie-breaker results (elimination matches). It includes 90 minutes of full match time, injury time, extra time (after the full 90 minutes and stoppage time have passed and the scores are still tie) and penalty shoot-out (PKs).

  6. These guess orders may result in the losing your initial WeTrade Reward Points that you placed. Only the ones who guessed on the winning team on a game will win WeTrade Reward Points according to the odds.

  7. The odds displayed is calculated by global industry experts.WeTrade holds no opinion on the guessing odds.

  8. The odds displayed may vary from different providers.

  9. Odds are calculated by industry experts based on various factors and are changing all the time. WeTrade cannot guarantee fixed odds due to network delay or other electrical issues from the client's end. The actual odds of a guess is accurate at the moment the guess order is successfully placed.

  10. The points clients won will be added to client's WeTrade Rewards Account in 24 hour maximum after the football match is ended for group stage in 90 minutes and for finals on winner.

  11. The client portal and mobile app will show the time according to the country that the client is based in.

  12. The official time mentioned during the campaign is Australia (GMT+10) or New Zealand (GMT+12) time, and the specific time shall be determined according to the location of the competition venue.The Local time is the time zone of your nationality country. You may need to calculate your own time on the match schedule if official time is involved.

  13. This guessing campaign is for entertainment purposes only. It does not involve money. This guessing campaign can be addictive,please play responsibly.

  14. If any terms of a promotion or discount are violated, or if there is evidence of risk-free guessing from an individual or group, WeTrade reserves the right to revoke the WeTrade Reward Points or invalidate the guess orders.

  15. This guessing campaign is not applicable to Vietnam region.

  16. WeTrade reserves the right of final interpretation of this activity.

  17. In case of any error in translation, the terms and conditions in English shall prevail.

>> Frequently Questions <<

Can I change my guess once the match has started?

You cannot change your guess once the match has started.

How do I claim my reward points after my guess is correct?

It will be automatically transferred to your WeTrade Rewards account, an hour after the match ends.

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