[“Intro to the Trading World”] Seminar Concluded Successfully In Bolivia

As May drew to a close, WeTrade successfully concluded a seminar in Bolivia, enticing aspiring traders with a thirst for trading knowledge in the vibrant city of Santa Cruz de la Sierra. The seminar, called [Intro to the Trading World with WeTrade] was held at Manzana40 on the 22nd and 23rd of May 2024 from 19:30 to 21:30 (GMT-4).

The event brought together a diverse group of Bolivians at the auditorium, fostering friendly exchanges and meaningful connections. From novices to experts alike, the complimentary seminar became a platform for them to engage in insightful trading discussions.

Speakers, Javier Rodríguez Lazo and Juan Arandia who have a total of 7 years of trading experience, warmly welcomed the audience. Bringing years of industry experience to the table, Mr Arandia specialises in the field of live trading. In addition to that, he actively engages in automatic trading using Expert Advisors, especially with assets such as Gold, Dow Jones, Bitcoins and Forex.

Mr Rodríguez Lazo on the other hand, has over 5 years of experience in the trading sector. His extensive background includes working with leading brokers worldwide, contributing to their expansion and growth throughout LATAM. His knowledge also transcends various areas within the industry, making his insights invaluable to traders of all levels.

The intensive seminar which lasted 2 hours dissected topics such as the [basics of trading forex, live trading, etc]. The attendees were also guided extensively on how to [more detailed stuff in agenda] by Mr Arandia.

Furthermore, the seminar served as an introduction to WeTrade as a trusted brokerage. Mr Rodríguez Lazo presented the benefits of trading with WeTrade which include features such as ultra-low spreads, dynamic leverage up to 1:2000, zero trading commissions, fast executions with no requotes and more.

Additionally, he also highlighted WeTrade’s innovative offerings such as our pioneering Rewards Mall (WeTrade Rewards), exclusive benefits for members (WeTrade Honours), exceptional copy trading environment (WeTrade Social), secure haven for funds (WeTrade Wallet) and holistic mobile application (WeTrade App), all designed to attract enthusiastic traders.

Besides that, Mr Rodríguez Lazo also pointed out the advantages of being an Introducing Broker with us during the seminar. Apart from starting effortlessly with a trusted broker, IBs can also enjoy lucrative commissions, instant payouts, customisable commission schemes and transparent fee structures, with no worries and no hidden fees.

Upon the seminar’s conclusion, attendees not only departed with newfound knowledge and smiles on their faces but with exclusive merchandise as well. A spokesperson from WeTrade Latam summed up the event, stating, “In the world of trading, every event is an opportunity waiting to be seized. The events are the heartbeat of financial markets, pulsing with possibilities and potential profits”. These words perfectly captured the essence of the seminar, being a valuable meeting that exchanged insights and knowledge.

As WeTrade actively goes global, we remain committed to localisation by having international exhibitions, seminars, events, and more, tailored to specific regions. With established roots in regions such as Europe, East Asia, and Southeast Asia, we are now strengthening our presence in Latin America.

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