WeTrade Supports the Amal Murni Home in Malaysia

CSR Remains In Our Core Values

Corporate Social Responsibility is not just a programme to benefit society, it is about creating a positive chain reaction. Our small acts of kindness inspire everyone around us, including our colleagues, clients and partners, to support charitable sources.

Here at WeTrade, our success is not just about making a profit. It is about sharing that triumph with our community. While we grow financially, we aim to simultaneously support and uplift those who need it most.

A recent trip to Amal Murni Home, an old folks home, opened our eyes to the joy of sharing and fostering a compassionate community. We engaged with the residents of the home and donated a few essentials to support their well-being.

Background of Amal Murni

The Amal Murni Home is an association that was established back in 2005 in Kajang, Selangor. It currently houses 30 individuals, who are mostly senior citizens. Among them are individuals facing mental and physical challenges, while others were previously homeless individuals. Most of them were abandoned in hospitals or neglected by their families, without anyone to rely on.

Besides the residents, this home is managed by 10 volunteers who systematically look after the welfare of the residents. They help maintain the premises regularly and manage the funds thoroughly, ensuring the shelter always stays afloat.

Previously, during the first few years of the operation, the shelter home faced quite a harrowing fate as their funds were nearly not enough to support them. They were even behind on a few months of rent and utility bills. Before the shelter turned into oblivion, new committee members pitched in their own savings to save the house and its grappling residents.

Presently, thanks to their efficient management and kind donors, they often receive a surplus of physical donations from various associations and companies. Grateful for their continued sustenance, the home often collaborates with other residences and shelters by donating the excess goods to them. Deep down, they believe that good things are meant to be shared.

Insightful Conversations

When we arrived, our team had the privilege to meet Ms Linda, one of the caretakers of the home. She explained the background of the association and happily took us on a tour of the home. We had the pleasure of engaging in meaningful conversations with some of the residents there.

A few of them shared their moments and life experiences while we listened attentively. From happy moments to sorrowful events, they had great stories to tell. The residents’ shared experiences truly opened our eyes to life and highlighted the remarkable resilience within these individuals.

A Story to Remember

While we engaged with the residents, one senior shared his story of how he willingly signed himself up for the Amal Murni Home. Back then, Mr John (not his real name) suffered from severe gastritis that often needed urgent attention.

When he had gotten sick, he had no choice but to drive himself up to the hospital, even in searing pain. Because he had lived alone, he had no one to attend to him, let alone help him during painful emergencies. As time went by, Mr John could not drive himself due to increasing age and deteriorating condition.

Mr John realised that he had no one in his life to aid him. He was fine with being lonely, but he did not want to admit that his health was declining, little by little. Hence, prioritising his life and well-being, he reached out to Ms Linda for help.

Genuinely concerned by his predicament, Ms Linda immediately took him in without a second thought. Now, not only does Mr John have people to aid him medically, but he also has a community he can count on.

Meaningful Donation

After a tour around the home and a few meaningful conversations, we extended our support by giving out essential materials. Our contribution includes food items such as packets of rice, personal care such as adult diapers and wet wipes, and household items such as detergents and tissues. Ms Linda particularly listed out the materials herself as she knew the specific needs of the residents and only wanted those items.

Besides that, we also gave a monetary contribution to ensure the overall well-being of the residents. When it was time to say goodbye, we commemorated the day by having a photo session with Ms Linda and the residents.

A Moment of Gratitude

Ms Linda expressed her gratitude for our contribution that day. She emphasised the positive impact our donations would have on the residents there. Additionally, she conveyed genuine hopes for WeTrade’s prosperity in the industry and extended well-wishes in our career paths.

“Thank you so much too for welcoming us. The residents here are so kind and cheerful. It breaks my heart that we could not spend much time with them today due to time constraints. We hope our donations will help lighten the burden of this association. We hope to come again soon and do some light activities to entertain all of them. Until then, please live a long, healthy and happy life here,” expressed Jasmin Abdullah, a representative from WeTrade Malaysia for the warm welcome.

Our Ongoing Efforts

Our philanthropic act with Amal Murni reflects our dedication to making a positive difference in the lives of those in need. With that being said, we look forward to continuing our altruistic efforts in supporting and uplifting communities in the future.

To our clients and partners over the years, your continuous support not only means the world to us but also makes a significant difference to the society we help as well. Continue to trade with WeTrade and join us in creating a brighter and more compassionate future.

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