WeTrade Supports the Bakti Nur Ain Orphanage in Malaysia

Every business has a responsibility to create a positive impact on society. At WeTrade, we believe that achieving success goes hand in hand with contributing to the communities we serve.

As the saying goes, the more we give, the more we receive. By donating, we not only contribute to the well-being of others but also invite abundance, growth and prosperity to our company.

Recently, we concluded our Corporate Social Responsibility event at the Bakti Nur Ain Orphanage in Bangi, Malaysia. The orphanage was established in 2014 by a married couple, Mr Shaizol Karnon and his wife, Mrs Siti Nur Ain Syazwani. Fueled by their love for children, they decided to turn the waqf (charitable endowment) house into a home for underprivileged children. Hence, this house became a permanent residence for both orphans and underprivileged kids to seek comfort, love and knowledge.

The couple established the shelter back in 2014 when there were only four kids under their wings. Together, they cherish the lives of the orphans and care for them as if they were one of their own.

Thanks to their unconditional love and thorough attention, this home has grown to house 20 children now, along with five dedicated staff members. The children are all between the ages of four to 17.

During our visit, Mr Shaizol graciously welcomed our team for a tour of the double-storey house. There, we got to witness their classes, their bedrooms and where they spend their leisure time. We realised that although the house is small, it has an amazing ability to support the lives of the less fortunate with essential nourishment, meticulous care and good education.

Besides religious studies and basic education, we discovered that some of them learnt martial arts too. They had the chance to learn the art of Silat Gayung, a traditional Malayan form of self-defence. Although traditionally used as a self-defence skill, nowadays, it is taught as a cultural and artistic expression. The kids would often perform these shows on special occasions.

After touring the house and engaging with the children, we extended our support by donating essential items. Our contributions include food items such as rice, oil, eggs, milk and other dry goods as well. We hope that our contributions will help keep them warm, healthy and happy in the future. Moreover, we also provided a monetary donation to Mr Shaizol, enabling him to address the specific needs of the children.

Expressing his gratitude, Mr Shaizol thanked us for the generous donation and wished us a blessed journey. He also extended another invite to us during Ramadhan (Muslim fasting month) when we could iftar (breaking fast) together with the kids.

“Thank you to Mr Shaizol, the staff, and all the orphans at Nur Ain Charity Home. We hope this contribution can help facilitate the daily affairs at Nur Ain Charity Home. We enjoyed spending time with the kids and look forward to revisiting them in the future,” expressed Norfikri Shaari, a representative from WeTrade Malaysia.

Finally, we memorialised the day by taking a group photo together with the kids and Mr Shaizol.

Since our inception in 2015, WeTrade has engaged in various CSR events worldwide. While expanding our horizons internationally, we also focus on the regional communities' needs. Whether it is supporting school construction or providing essentials, we have contributed to various communities in China, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam and the Philippines.

Thank you for supporting us. Your trades do not just benefit yourselves, they benefit the greater good as well. Let’s continue working together toward shared humanity goals.

Let’s trade for a better tomorrow. Let’s trade with WeTrade.

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