WeTrade Supports the Tahanan Ng Pagmamahal Children’s Home

CSR is One of Our Core Values

WeTrade has always upheld our Corporate Social Responsibility values tight. From building a school in China to donating essential needs to the visually impaired kids in Vietnam, we have travelled to great depths to help those in need.

Here at WeTrade, we believe that helping the community around us should be done simultaneously while we grow financially. Without us helping each other out, we would be seen as a failed society, and we do not support that.

In relation to that, we are grateful to announce the recent conclusion of our CSR donation at the Tahanan Ng Pagmamahal Children’s Home in Manila, the Philippines. Also known as Home of Love, this Christian shelter home provides an abode to the abandoned, neglected, foundling and surrendered children in Manila.

How It Came to Be

Founded in 2007, the shelter started as a rental apartment supported by a caring couple, Reylindo and Myrna Ortega. Initially, the couple and their friends were concerned with the scene in the city that they grew up in.

As cases of child abandonment are quite high there, hundreds of neglected kids roam around in the city, with no guardians or purpose in life. These children would often beg for food and sleep on places like the sidewalks, under the fly-overs and the bridges. The sight was too harrowing to see.

Hence, the group of friends were determined to convene their efforts and save some of these underprivileged kids. Although financially struggling, this group of friends rented out an apartment as a temporary housing arrangement for the kids. They even moved to new apartments five times after each rental period ended.

Finally, in 2014, they were generously given a piece of land for their shelter with the help of a devoted donor. The Tahanan Ng Pagmamahal Children’s Home still stands today. The home now houses over 40 children from the age of one to 12.

Our Visit

Upon our arrival, we were greeted by one of the caretakers there. She gave us a little tour of the home and we got the chance to engage with the kids. Some of them were very chatty while some were quite shy to visitors. A few of the toddlers were quite excited to see us bringing in our donations. This ultimately melted our hearts.

Essentials for Those in Need

After the brief sharing session, we supported the shelter by donating essential items such as dry food items and personal care products. These donations were carefully selected to address the children's basic needs and contribute to their overall well-being.

Some of them were also used for the daily operation of the shelter. We hope our contribution will help lift some of the burden of the shelter and contribute to the livelihood of the kids.

“It’s not easy raising kids, especially little ones. Some might be mischievous and some might be a bit emotional because of their unfortunate history. With our love for kids, we try our best to cater to these children and love them unconditionally.

Thanks, WeTrade, for all your generous donations. We are very grateful for companies like you who continuously make these children’s lives easier,” expressed one of the caretakers of the home.

Ongoing Efforts

WeTrade has reached out to various communities in various parts of the world. We hope to increase our altruistic missions as we expand to new regions. By lending a helping hand to the less privileged, we are striving for a better world together.

To support our philanthropic efforts in the future, register for a WeTrade account with us. Trade with us and contribute to a better tomorrow. Join us in supporting causes that matter.

In Trust We Trade, Trade with WeTrade.

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