WeTrade Visits Mayamot Elementary School in the Philippines

Since its inception, WeTrade has consistently adhered to the principles of corporate social responsibility and has been actively involved in philanthropic endeavors. We firmly believe that giving back to society is the mission of every business. As a globally renowned brokerage firm, we proactively leverage our brand's global resources in various areas such as education, healthcare, environmental conservation, and the protection of vulnerable populations to continuously contribute to social welfare initiatives.


Love Without End: WeTrade Stands By Every Step of the Way

Recently, WeTrade successfully completed a charitable event at Mayamot Elementary School in the Philippines, shouldering the responsibility and commitment that every business should uphold. We actively provided material support to the local school, bringing WeTrade T-shirts, notebooks, crayons, pencils, and other educational supplies to the children in the area.


In addition, we hosted a seminar on youth education for parents and teachers. This is part of our commitment to building a stronger education system, ensuring that every child can pursue their dreams. The purpose of this event is to advocate for the fundamental rights that every child should have - access to quality education. WeTrade is dedicated to providing both material and emotional support to the children in the local community of the Philippines.


Although this event has concluded, we will continue to monitor the progress of Mayamot Elementary School and plan for future philanthropic activities to ensure that these children receive ongoing educational support from us.

The path of dedication is one that WeTrade steadfastly follows.

As a caring company, WeTrade has ingrained philanthropy into our corporate culture, contributing in various forms to support and participate in charitable activities. WeTrade actively participates in charitable and public welfare activities, visiting impoverished schools and nursing homes. We have invested over one million yuan in Gansu, China to build Hope Elementary Schools as a way to give back to society.Through our daily actions, we further strengthen our corporate social responsibility to better embody our philanthropic ideals.


In the future, WeTrade will continue to harness the power of our company to contribute to charitable causes in various regions. WeTrade is committed to fulfilling its social responsibility through tangible actions, striving to create a better tomorrow for society. We also extend our gratitude to those who support us, as your support provides us with the strength to keep advancing philanthropic efforts and achieving more meaningful goals. Together, we can make a positive impact on the world.

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