WeTrade Wins "Precision Poverty Alleviation and Education Support Award" and "Caring for Children Stable Employment Award"

WeTrade once again won an award, winning the "Targeted Poverty Alleviation·Promoting Education Award" and the "Caring for Children and Stable Employment Award" in the 2019 "Walking with Love·Care for Primary Schools" commendation event, demonstrating the company's outstanding contribution in the field of social responsibility and society Responsible for the mission.

"Targeted Poverty Alleviation·Promoting Education Award"

WeTrade won the "Targeted Poverty Alleviation and Education Award" at the 17th Shanghai Financial Management Expo. This award aims to recognize the outstanding contributions made by enterprises in the field of poverty alleviation, especially their outstanding performance in supporting and promoting education. WeTrade has supported Banpo Primary School in Mengding Town, Yunnan Province for two consecutive years, making a positive contribution to improving the local education level. Obtaining this honor is not only recognition of past efforts, but also encouragement for future responsibilities.

"Child Care and Stable Employment Award"

WeTrade also won the "Children's Stable Employment Award", which highlights the outstanding efforts of companies in helping children find stable employment. The company not only provides continuous educational support at Banpo Primary School in Mengding Town, Yunnan Province, but also donated millions of dollars to build a new Hope Primary School in 2019, creating a better learning environment for more children and laying a solid foundation for future employment.

The person in charge of WeTrade said: "These two honors are recognition of our social responsibility practices and also encourage us to be more actively involved in promoting education and children's welfare. WeTrade will continue to give back to the society with practical actions and contribute to building a better world." Contribute to the future.”

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