Points Mall gives away Toyota Asia Dragon

*WeTrade promises that all gifts in the points mall, regardless of value, are genuine and valid and will not be falsely advertised.

After giving away a Tesla Model X on September 28, 2018, WeTrade once again welcomed its second customer to redeem a luxury car in the points mall!
Mr. Chen, a real customer of WeTrade, has been cooperating with us for a long time since he chose WeTrade on July 11, 2019, and has accumulated a lot of points. Mr. Chen has been redeeming his favorite gifts in the points mall, and he can be regarded as a customer who enjoys activities!

(Overview of Mr. Chen’s gift redemption in WeTrade Points Mall)

Mr. Chen applied to redeem a Toyota Asia Dragon on August 6, 2020. Due to the epidemic in various places, we were unable to hold a press conference. After communicating with Mr. Chen, we prepared a simple car delivery ceremony.

(Mr. Chen applied for redemption of Toyota Asia Dragon on August 6, 2020)

(After the delivery ceremony, Mr. Chen received the delivery email notification)

(WeTrade held a car pick-up ceremony at Toyota 4S store)

(WeTrade held a car pick-up ceremony at Toyota 4S store)

On August 15, 2020, Mr. Chen officially drove away the Toyota Asia Dragon that he redeemed at the WeTrade points mall at the Toyota 4S store in Fuzhou City, Fujian Province.

Strength has made extraordinary achievements. Customer Mr. Chen, in the more than a year of cooperation with WeTrade, we have adhered to the awareness of win-win cooperation and once again proved the sincerity of WeTrade's points mall.
The first Tesla has already driven away, and the second Toyota has also driven away today! There are still many luxury cars waiting for you to collect in the luxury car area of WeTrade Points Mall! Points will be given away from time to time to make your transactions full of fun. Come and join us!

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