Nasdaq Tower Presence

We have made history by being on the Nasdaq billboard!

This moment acknowledges our contributions in the financial industry over the past 8 years. It also further highlights our exceptional capabilities as an international financial broker.

Since 2015, our mission is to become the most trusted financial broker. We have grown into a renowned name in the world of financial trading. The recent appearance on the Nasdaq big screen, along with the recognition we've received over the years, serves as a reminder that hard work can indeed yield results. These opportunities and honours reinforce our belief in the value of dedication and persistence.

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WeTrade Rewards, the First-of-Its-Kind Rewards Mall in the Industry

At WeTrade, every trade contributes to improving your quality of life. With WeTrade Rewards, you can do just that. Earn one Reward Point for every lot you trade. Accumulate and use the Reward Points to redeem your favourite gifts on our Rewards Mall.

From gadgets and automobiles to fashion and lifestyle products, pick and choose your favourite. Redeem and have it right to your doorstep in no time. To date, two of our clients have redeemed luxury cars, specifically a Tesla Model X and a Toyota Corolla Altis.

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Enjoy the benefits of becoming a member with our lifelong membership. WeTrade Honours ensure that you’ll always enjoy the most privileged trading experience. Enjoy different tiers of benefits such as bonuses up to US$25000, deposit and withdrawal discounts, faster shipping time, VIP online support and more.

The best part? Traders just need to trade as usual. The more they trade, the more privileges they unlock.

Anyone Can Trade with WeTrade’s Diverse Account Types

We understand that every trader has unique needs. From standard accounts to cent accounts and even Islamic interest-free accounts, our account types cater to clients with different trading styles. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced trader, we provide the most suitable account types for your needs, allowing you to trade freely and utilise your skills to the fullest.

Enjoy Leverage up to 2000 With Us

We understand that leverage is crucial for traders. That’s why we continuously optimise leverage settings to ensure you trade efficiently. Our dynamic leverage options can help you to trade flexibly and seize trading opportunities effectively. Enjoy leverage up to 2000 with us.

Empowering Communities to a Brighter Future

Our success isn’t solely about making money. We also believe in making a positive impact on the community. As part of our commitment to society, we actively engage in various philanthropic activities such as reaching out to underprivileged schools globally. We have also gone a step further by building a school called “Hope Primary School” in Gansu, China. These contributions demonstrate our dedication to balancing business growth and social responsibility.

Your Trading Success Starts Here

Our debut on the Nasdaq Tower marks the beginning of our journey towards greater innovation. This milestone serves as a testament to our commitment to pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in the world of trading. It also fuels our dedication to continuous improvement.

Explore limitless possibilities with us. Embark on a path towards financial freedom. Register for an account and start trading today!

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