WeTrade Supports Bung Sang Home for the Blind in Vietnam

Uplifting Our CSR Efforts

Every business has an obligation to give back to society. While we flourish globally, a part of the resources we achieve should be contributed for the greater good. This includes contributing in areas such as education, healthcare, environment and social welfare of vulnerable populations.

In connection with that, we are delighted to announce the successful conclusion of our recent outreach programme - A Trip to Bung Sang Home for the Blind. The shelter home is located deep in an alley and hidden among the high-rise buildings of Ho Chi Minh City.

Background of Bung Sang Home

Established in 1985, the haven was pioneered by a blind teacher named Mr Truong who dedicated his own home to house a community of blind children. As a visually impaired man himself, he felt the struggles of the disheartening disability.

He realised that these children would suffer if they were alone. But together, they will most likely find the strength to lead a cherished life. From then on, various children from the ages of 1 to 18 came and went through the shelter to this day.

After the passing of Mr Truong, the shelter was entrusted to the Lovers of the Holy Cross Sisters. To date, the shelter homes 42 visually impaired children along with four nuns.

A Visit to See the Children

Not too long ago, our team paid a visit to the shelter and brought donations to share the joy of giving. There, we came to understand the background of the kids while engaging in fun activities with them.

Apart from learning to read and write, the children acquired other useful skills, such as computer literacy, musical proficiency and foreign language competency. Despite all odds, many of them overcame various obstacles and even completed their university programmes.

Even though the home is relatively smaller compared to other shelters, it has the amazing ability to house a lot of lives, providing them with essential nourishment and ensuring their access to quality education.

Donating Smiles and Essentials

Subsequently, our team contributed essential materials such as food items, personal care items, toys as well as cash aid. A sense of excitement radiated from the children’s faces when we started distributing the toys and candies. This ultimately melted our hearts. We came to realise these special children were no different from normal kids as they exuded the same joy and playfulness.

A Sense of Gratitude

“There are many children of various ages here. The kids can be stubborn and mischievous too. And because they cannot see, it takes an extra challenge for us to care for them. Without our love of children and our patience, this journey of raising and educating them will be a long and arduous struggle for us.

“However, with the existence of good samaritan companies such as yours, our burdens are continuously lightened. Thank you to WeTrade for the kind donations. They help us to cover the necessary expenses for the children and let them have warmer months to come,” expressed one of the nuns from the Bung Sang Home in a heartfelt appreciation speech to WeTrade.

Fulfilling our Corporate Social Responsibility

“Every enterprise has a responsibility to contribute to the place where it operates. Our support for the Bung Sang Home is the way to realise our commitment to positively impacting underprivileged lives.We hope these gifts from our hearts will become a beacon of motivation for the children, so they can study harder and have a fulfilling life. We also hope the nuns will be happier and healthier every day. This is so that they can take care and educate these special children in the warmth of love,” said Eren Pham, a representative from WeTrade Vietnam, who expressed WeTrade’s message and hopes during the heartwarming event.

We hope that our contribution will help nurture the less fortunate so they can focus on their dreams and have a good stepping stone for their future.

Our Ongoing Commitment

WeTrade remains steadfast in our commitment to serve the regional communities. Join us in our journey of helping the less fortunate. Your support enables us to keep advancing in our philanthropic efforts to achieve meaningful goals. Every trade you make becomes a step towards a brighter future.

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