Best Trading Environment Award

WeTrade is pleased to announce that on February 23, 2023, we attended the Fazzaco Hall of Fame Awards ceremony as the exclusive sponsor at the Crown Plaza Holiday Hotel in Limassol, Cyprus. This grand event brought together leaders, experts, and innovators in the financial and fintech fields, serving as a highly anticipated celebration to recognize outstanding achievements and contributions in the industry.


We are honored to declare that WeTrade received the "Best Trading Environment Award" at this celebration. This award acknowledges our outstanding trading environment and execution capabilities, representing investors' trust and high esteem for our brand.


WeTrade Receives the Best Trading Environment Award

WeTrade has been steadily growing, providing top-notch investment experiences for global clients through an excellent trading environment. This award not only recognizes our continuous expansion of global operations and pursuit of excellence but also serves as a testament to the long-term partnerships we have established with our clients. Safeguarding customer funds has always been our primary mission, and we remain committed to offering each customer the best products and services.


Exciting performances during the live event


Face-to-face interactions among participants

Fazzaco, as a leading financial information platform, is dedicated to reporting on companies across the global currency trading industry chain. This includes brokers, liquidity providers, white label providers, CRM providers, exchanges, payment providers, regulatory agencies, and more. The Fazzaco Hall of Fame Awards aims to recognize and inspire outstanding talents in the forex and fintech industries to drive industry growth. We are honored to be the award sponsor for the Fazzaco Hall of Fame ceremony, hoping that our participation injects new vitality into the financial sector, making a positive impact and opening up new prospects through innovative thinking.

The global development of WeTrade would not be possible without the long-term support and encouragement of our customers. We will continue to innovate, steadily grow, and be your preferred partner in the forex trading arena. We are committed to ensuring the safety of customer funds and providing the most excellent trading experience for global traders.

Thanks to everyone who has supported us, WeTrade will continue to navigate the global financial markets, offering a one-stop trading solution that empowers you to succeed in the global trading arena.

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