Upgrade to New VI

We are delighted to announce the commemoration of the 8th anniversary of WeTrade, and we feel honoured to have progressed hand in hand with you! At this special moment, we are thrilled to unveil the new upgrade to our Visual Identity (VI) to better reciprocate the support we have received from you.

This upgrade further enhances the international image of the WeTrade brand, elevating its industry influence and competitiveness. Simultaneously, it optimises user experience and establishes a more professional all-in-one trading platform.

As of today, the following logos are officially in use:

We will gradually roll out the upgraded logos for various sections on our official website in the coming months. The visual updates for sections such as our official website, points mall, customer portal, app, and all media channels will be introduced in stages. Subsequently, the icons for certain software, including the WeTrade app and the Metatrader 4 (MT4) trading software, will also undergo changes.

We acknowledge that the process of upgrading brand logo colours may involve several steps and take some time. During this period, there might be a coexistence of old and new logos. We expect all online exposure adjustments to be finalised by the fourth quarter of 2023.

Please note that the rebranding of WeTrade's logo colours does not entail any changes to the company's nature or business. It will not affect our existing relationships with customers and partners or the provision of all our services in any way.

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About the New Brand Colors

The new logo primarily features the energetic Fire Opal orange tone. Our brand colours will be centred around four main colours and support neon gradients.

Orange is a vibrant and passionate colour, symbolising WeTrade's keen insight into financial markets and a positive, forward-looking attitude. The vivid and warm qualities of orange together express our enthusiasm and hope for smooth customer transactions, while also conveying our firm determination for innovation and development.

Blue communicates our reliability and stability. It conveys our self-imposed standards of safety, solidity, calmness, and rationality. Additionally, it signifies our commitment to ongoing innovation, leveraging technological advancements to better serve our clients.

The color palette is a carefully considered choice, aiming not only to attract attention but also to visually communicate our professionalism and confidence as a leading brokerage, providing customers with opportunities and solutions that lead the market and help achieve results in their trading journey.

Symbolic Representations

The new logo incorporates an upward arrow, symbolising the upward trajectory of trading and representing the shared goals of success and growth between WeTrade and our customers.

Arrows represent forward, upward direction, symbolising dynamics, progress, and development. In August 2023, WeTrade celebrated its 8th anniversary, remaining true to its mission of safeguarding customer funds, innovating continuously, and steadily growing.

In market trading, the arrow signifies our guidance for customers in the right direction, aiding them in making wise decisions amid complex markets. Time and speed are crucial in financial markets, and we provide customers with fast, efficient trade execution and services.

Iconic Significance

WeTrade adopts the letter "W" as the core element of its logo.

The letter represents the cohesion and sense of belonging within our group, tightly connecting our team and customers. It highlights the collaboration and joint efforts between us and our customers, conveying the close relationship and trust established between us, showcasing the responsibilities and commitments we undertake as an international broker.

It also symbolises our pursuit of common success and the concept of sharing achievements. It signifies our journey to success together with our customers and the sharing of the results achieved.

The new logo's meaning encapsulates the mission and values of WeTrade as an international forex broker. It represents the close collaboration with customers, keen market insight, and our focus on providing quality services, along with our vision for mutual development with customers.

WeTrade will continue to develop rapidly in an international, diverse, and comprehensive manner. In the spirit of brand reshaping, we want to express gratitude to all our customers and partners for their trust and long-term support. In a new strategic context, WeTrade will innovate through product and service offerings, providing a more diversified range of financial services for everyone!

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